The Senior Men's Fellowship chair repair team reached their goal of 27 repaired chairs as of Tuesday, Feb. 20th in the Fellowship Hall. 

The team consisted of Al and John Prazniak, Keith Graber, Dennis Lillich,
Frank Pershing, Mike Krnach, Larry Meyer, Gene Stocker and team chairman, Russ Ryder.  Thank you, gentlemen!



​We are currently working on refurbishing and replacing some of our folding chairs.

​We have 4 members that are taking on the job of taking the seats off of about 25 chairs and putting new fabric on them.

THE SENIOR MEN'S FELLOWSHIP continues to collect all paper products including cardboard, books of all kinds,paper and newspapers. Please use the Green River Valley Paper Recycling container at the Center end of the parking lot. Proceeds from this activity are put to good use. 

​Please come and join us!

All members of St John's that are age 55 or older are invited to attend our meetings and join in on the activities. The Fellowship meets at 11:00 AM on the first Thursday of the month.  Our meetings are held at Variety's Restaurant at 2843 Lincoln Way E, Massillon.